About me



Born:     1960        in:        Zeven (Lower Saxony)

My career is untypical for a professor. Here I would like to mention the most important stages in keywords:

- after school without an apprenticeship
- unskilled construction worker, from age of 18 working

  shifts in chemical industry
- in trade union and politically active, in particular in the peace

  movement of the 1980s
- professional training as a clerk in industrial companies

   organized by employment office
- access to university by the second educational path

- study of business administration and economics
- approx. 9 years of professional experience in accounting,

   finally as a financial manager in the German group of an

   international group of companies
- further education as certified accountant
- Ph.D. doctorate
in part time at an institute for business



With the appointment letter of January 17, 1997, I was appointed as Professor of Financial Accounting and Management Accounting with special consideration of international aspects. An additional subject is taxes. From 2000 to 2004, I was technical advisory board member in a scientific Publishing House, and from 2001 to 2006 of Chairman of the Board of Directors of a Consulting plc.


In addition, I chaired the Parent Advisory Council of a Primary School and a High School, Secretary of the School Parent Advisory Board of a Comprehensive School, a member of a city school parish council, and vice chairman of a county school parish council.




Contact:               University of Applied Sciences, Mainz
                           room M3.06
                           Lucy-Hillebrand-Street 2
                           55128 Mainz
phone.:                06131 / 628-3239





Contact hours:           Wednesday, 10:30 to 11:30


previous courses:

External Accounting:
   Accounting according German GAAP
   International accounting
   consolidated Financial Statement

Management accounting:
   Cost accounting
   Corporate Planning / Reporting
   Investment and Finance
   German Taxation
   International Taxation